A – Z of Knitting



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This truly is a great resource book for the beginner and experienced knitter.

It covers many areas that we all need to refer to time and again as the years and our experience in knitting increases.

Types of yarn and how that will determine the overall look of a garment.

Know your needles and types that suit yarn and outlook of garment.

Other tools and equipment that are most beneficial for you.

Tension/gauge – The key to knitting pieces the correct size.

Reading patterns and charts – abbreviations used.

Basic stitches and techniques.

Finishing Techniques, from yarn ens,blocking,sewing up seams,fringes,pompoms, tassels. Plus caring for the knotted garment/item and storage.

All and so much more shown in this 160 page book, with easy to follow instructions ans coloured photographs.

A must in your knitting library.


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